Preparation for the 2008 Feb Europe 6 countries travel trip

For the past two weeks once have time, get involve in the preparation for the upcoming 2008 travel trip to Europe with my wife. Both of us have high hope and expection of the trip and it is the joint decision from the list of world travel locations. Since Asia especially China were travel too many times, we intend to travel beyond Asia, this is why Europe is finally being choose as the travel and vacation destination.

France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Nertherland six contries travel to serve as the Europe overview travel. If got the Italy and Greece will be better, but if thinking of the time and resources required, the booked trip should be the right on to go for during the Chines New Year (CNY) holiday session.

Have the intent to create a personal mook (margazine + book) for the upcoming travel, capture photo, video and journal record to reserve the memories. Mook, visual representation look like the right approach on it, since current people transform toward visual reading habits (margazine like easy to digest content, with photo, illustration and diagram).

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