paper to paperless transition

11:38 PM 12/30/2007
today start the house clean up prepare for the chinese new year reaching soon feb 8 2008. partly is force by my wife insist for the book room clean up, as too many book cum papers accumulate and really need to get clean up, to have "clean and clear" environment. :)

from here spend about few hours, reinforce lesson for better off have paperless environment since it is "physcial-less" and virtual space. For pure information and data, it is better form for keeping, since it can be use cross platform compare with paper hardcopy base.

from old notes to note taken, all in hardcopy really take times and time consuming to re-organize, this is why better off from now become paperless information organizer and adopter from end-to-end. ie, from the very beginging become paperless so not more paper accumulate, and just left final output exist or in e-book form, print-on-demand (POD).

Have AVP2 movie just now, really a movie follow the action-pack sequence, really, i do not know what to expect. nowday hollywood movie is just about make money, want to attract you for the movie in the cinema, and the script as long as give want you want, that it, since you will buy the ticket and they get want they want. The long time forgot excitment that i have is no more there. still remember movie like Forest Gump, The world is beautiful etc all is good movie with the good content, really like those since after the movie still have something within my mind, and make me think and know or aware something I may or may not know or get insight into it.

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