English blog continue from here from now on

I originally intent to migrate all the sites content over to the free host "mysite" as it all-in-one site very appear to me. It have website hosting template, capable to add layout like photo album, and create blog. But due to few time try to access it, and it is slow, and make up my mind and stict to orginal blog hosted provider here - blogger. So, what the change from now on will be, my primary language use for the blog is english, world language. Even so previous intent to blog in chinese, and blog in english is actually faster, even so English is not my primary language.

From now on, by today onward, this will be the centralize blog update location. The content will be divide with the "label tag". Few things now think of adopt include:

  • "Family", "Personal", "Travel", "Feature" - for indepth how to articles.

Yesterday have a movie time together with wife and kid. Golden Compass, actually the content for me is really so so, or maybe I just hope higher than expection. And surprise, another movie intent to shot as trilogy, so it mean it is movie with the begin and without end. And the second movie will become without begin and without end, and third become movie without begin but with ending. Since Lord of the Ring and Matrix, all is follow this kind of approach for movie making. Can not blame it, it just make the movie experience less complete. I think I right now still prefer movie with 2 -3 hours but with begin and ending. Story telling depend on what you want to tell, should be long enough for the core content to be deliver. If it is really need to spread for so long, then tv drama will be better platform.

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