Digital economy life

Due to business required, something got to continue to work during night time, after kid is fall sleep, like reach oversea supplier and partner on another time zones. More and more, stay to "used" to it, I think this is the life for the digital economy. Via the digital economy and Internet super IT infrastcuture, a lot of things can be get done effective and efficient. Nowday even have "virtual meeting", "virtual project team", "world telco call via skyphe", "real time chat with anyone in the world". It is running faster and so do IP infrastcuture become more and more important, since every equipment or appliance will need a IP to connect together.

Few more days the 2007 will be end and start for the totally new year 2008. Time run fast, compare with previous study and college time, working and business time is running in very fast pace, maybe it is due to ongoing in motion action, during working time ongoing got to react to lot of planned and unplanned matter.

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