restart the online journey

For a while without the motive to continue online blog, as i do in on physical diary manner. After rethink, it may help me explore myself in different manner, as online blog got to share with someone, ie someone is watching.

Offcourse it is not for commercial blog, it is for personal private mind thinking and sharing purpose. Time is running fast, i think my first contact with blog is 2002/2003, and right now all is talking and use blog. Blog and Wiki will be major online invention after Internet browser and email since Dos-windows-internet evolution in our history.

Right now we live in the world of too many content and information, got to be smart in the internet and online journey, don't waste time on it, instead create a value on personal time invest on it. I think, online blog will be one of it, it will help me practice english, as I am not native english speaker, but i aware english is international language, got to practice and be good on it.

In thinking of running theme base blog, easy to write as well since got the content driven the write up.

: lim

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