Time for life, time for think, time for reflection

Really a long long time without touching my own goban and books collections collected so far, am I lost the passion on this life time engagement using weiqi as tool for think and reflection for myself?

At age of 30, close to 31 if reach my February birthday, my tought and mental thinking do change. More and more responsibility by all the roles, and now think back it is time to touch and regenerate my interest on weiqi art of life. A person how good it is or bad, I think will reflect in his way of play weiqi, any how it is reflect his way of thinking so do his play.

May need to re-touch and re-learn how to play weiqi. Maybe I drop my grade and skill set, practice generate experience and shap the skill set, so need to commit so time to regard the mental skill set on weiqi.

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