Occupational safety and health (OSH)

Occupational safety and health in the office

- To understand that safety and health is an important component of the office environment
- To identify factors that can lead to safety and health issues in an office environment
- To understand that building related illnesses contribute to medical absenteeism
- To understand the health effects associated with visual display units (computers) and ways to minimize these ill effects
- To learn simple techniques that will minimize back related injuries at the workplace
- To recognize the health effects of stress at the workplace and to understand the benefits of an employee assistance program

- OSHA 1994, application of the Act – industries in the first schedule
- Duties of the employers – sect 15 general duties of employers, sect 16 duty to formulate safety & health policy
- Duties of the employees – sect 24 general duties of the employees, sect 25 duty not to interfere with or misuse things provided

Office environment and health
- lighting 0 features of good lighting, problems with lighting, illumination levels at the workplace
- temperature and humidity – body’s response to heat, health issues with low / high humidity
- ventilation – building related illnesses, sick building syndrome
- noise at the workplace – impact of noise at work, impact of noise on health

Health in the office
- stress – work stressors, health effects of stress – employee assistance program
- visual display units (computers) – workstation checklist, keyboard and screen placement, health issues with computers, preventions of ill effects

Safety in the office
- office accidents – preventions of accidents, housekeeping and work equipment, office first aid
- chemicals used in the office – routes of absorption, effects on health
- back injuries in the office – common back injuries, prevention of back injuries

Practical applications, case studies, workshop sessions

Especially for
- safety health managers, executives, supervisors
- SHE committee members, safety officers
- Office / HR managers, executives, supervisors

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