Look back on the website

Monday, September 05, 2005

Look back on the website
Long long time without update my blog driven website, and now review it really have a lot of section and content needed to regrouping, and it will take time. I need to weight it will the return, any how the main purpose of this website is help me to host and share my personal feeling and opinion over the internet, the objective must be clear. Maybe doing one thing at a time is make sense at the moment. Just create a section on diary, to host diary matter.Family and professional journal may be integrated into diary section, any how I have only one life to live, why break it become multiple section, one section should server the purpose.With the pass of about two years, lot of things is change. Now I have even invested broadband for internet access due to technology advancement and make it afforodable and available for sign-up.
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