Time re-focus

I really in the stage of really need a good time management plan to help me align my life in a right direction for me, so I able to balance my life according to the main things I want to do. Busy and get in busy is not a good sight, even for weiqi I even can't allocate time for a good play on it. This is really a problem I need to react with it, and it can't be solve by any quick fix solution.

Weiqi books and learning materials wise, I think I really have enough already. I should in the stage of really use those stuff that I have and apply it during my game play.

My kifu database project is reach the end of the finish phase as well. I should gear up to get it done, so I able to focus on using one centre database for all the kifu. Change and edit is also much more easy and faster. Centralise one database is better than multiple database.

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