Koei's Shudan V or what I call "Shodan"

April 23, 2004 Friday

If my memory serve me well, Koei's Shudan V [手谈] is actually build from Chinese Handtalk latest engine. As the Handtalk author previously mention before, old handtalk engine is difficult to have breakthrough performance (2-3kyu ~ 1kyu); this is the reason behind develop the new handtalk engine. And this Koei's Shudan V as advertisement said is tested by Japan Nihon Kiin 9dan professional, and think it have amateur shodan qualification (play in the strongest mode with longest thinking time). This is the reason why I alway refer to it as Shodan [初段] instead of Shudan :)

Even the program is with me for a while already, still no time to really have a round of the game.

As the screen I capture from the program, I play black, and "Shodan" play white. Since I still no really able to free out a quality time to have few round of the game with it, so I can't said it have "Shodan" qualification or not. Japanese is alway have a lot of good computer AI games well package. I play a game with my brother Playstation 2 weiqi program call AI囲碁2003 [English title: AI Igo 2003], license by Many Face of Go. I play the strongest mode, even I just try play and up to the fuseki phase and just begin the middle-game, the program really act like human or play like high kyu player, all the move is fit the weiqi principle.

Sound like after computer AI conquer the western Chess program, it is march toward conquering eastern weiqi. Actually for the weiqi player, it is good news - we can have a good computer AI able to think accurately at speed of light. By matching computer AI, we improve own self as well.

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