Fujisawa Hideyuki or Shuko books in next move series

April 23, 2004 Friday

Today take the leisure time to go downtown and buying all the Shuko books (total of 10 books) I can find. His next move series is actually a very good book in handle weiqi subject in very difficult to expain subject like middle-game and some strategic issue, as well as the "feeling" portion. Before see the Shuko next move book, first read the problem and then base on the situation, react and explore own own next move first. Force self to really think on the process. And more importantly, it is problem books with question, easy to digest like one question at a time. For a limited leisure avaliable, it is really more practical on study this type of book, or book divide into course series.

From now on, i still lack 1 book on Shuko's Feel Series [秀行的感觉系列]; and 2 book on Shuko's Creation [秀行的创造] to complete my whole suite of Shuko's Next Move Masterpiece [秀行的下一手丛书系列]. Sometime I really think I'am out of line, instead of spend time on digest all the weiqi literature I accquired so far, I still go in collecting process. I now start to realise and no feel wonder why standard amateur 4 dans player have 300 ~ 500 books in his bookcase. And Asian language weiqi literature is more than those published in English.

Now I think back, the book that I really spend time to finish off 1 time completely by heart is Rin Kaiho weiqi beginner introductory book, and spend 1 time to review it. Other book I just random reading for those area I feel interested. After tomorrow I get the Go Seigen Tesuji Dictionary Books, it is really time to stop, until really digest all the books in my hand. And it is time to invest time wisely and make a good study plan to cover area by area, especially on the tesuji and life-and-death area in the limited leisure time.

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