3,500 standardize kifu is ready

April 21, 2004 Wednessday

I feel like being a long time no update my blog, as right now get busy in the help of 9 kifu collectors in divide out the task of standardize kifu, in the chinese language. And up to yesterday, 3,500 kifu in confirm done (2004-04-20;2003;1995). And the remain balance of 46,500 kifu maybe less will be in progress. Can be expect the project result will be highly value added kifu records standardize in all the information. For me primary will be use it in the kombilo, and plug in multigo as the sgf editor.

Recently I get try on the Koei's Shudan V, a japanese weiqi AI software that license from the Handtalk engine. It feature the Japanese lady voice on each move, quite a good experience on it. I feel like really play the weiqi in the presence of the assistant. I not really play full game on it yet, as I really running out of time recently. I will come back to this and update my blog to cover the personal experience on the Koei's Shudan V.

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