kifu applet

I'm alway looking for the better way to illustrate weiqi move sequence in the html web page. Beside save them as standard graphic format (gif,jpeg,png), the upcoming Japanese style kifu applet will be trend to look for. It have the advantage of provide interactive move by move sequence, and able to make commentary move by move. For this purpose it is strong enough to be standard for kifu demonstration purpose.

Applet like Japanese kifushow or stoneleaf all is good. And I think it take sometime for western developer to provide english version of this kind of applet program.

My personal concern right now: all the applet must refer back to the hosted server for the applet, i just worry if invest all the effort to convert kifu demonstration in that particular kifu applet, and someday it never exist then i will have big problem. So, I think it will be useful for developer develop applet just needed to store at user website, no needed refer to external link.

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