Chinese New Year Approaching


Very long absent from writing blog, as I heavy use of notebook base hardcopy diary for jot the feeling down. It is still the best solution for me in term of diary type of writing, can write anytime, anywhere, as long as having book and pen.

Recently having trying and knowing how to setup own dial-up web server. Using dynamic IP and using statis domain for it, and successfuly install mySQL, php, Appache and portal management software, just need some more time to learn how to use it. This is one of plan prepare for me to getting broadband access next year, so can host everything myself. This is also a good opportunity to learn "new things".

For epaper or ebook solution, I more and more find useful of pdf solution. Those content can be rearrange or even combine multiple book into one, and create own bookmark and using a lot of tools for reading. Plan forward to migrate most of the content into this plantform.

Chinese New Year is approaching, it is time for "packing old stuff" and prepare for new upcoming year. So, year 2004 is really coming.

Within the month everyday is visit my 1st child born at 14 Dec 2003 at wife's mother house. My wife right now is stay with her mother during maternity leave period. So a cute child, and increase in the responsibility to the family. I really staging into another phase of life. Demand and challenge is different then previous. It is time for aware or awaken.

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