My weiqi's learning solution: Multi-Go + Kombilo + Estone


Since August this year, I keep going to collect a huge volume of qipu/kifu (weiqi game record). And then trying a lot of solution on my part to manage the weiqi qipu overload. After remove out duplicate copy thru centralise into the estone single database, I have 20,000 qipu with me on the Professional play. Which I use with the Kombilo for the study for the move, and pattern searching to see how professional response in certain move.

And now, I finally have settle down the solution I use. After today, I will perform clean up on my qipu collected (end 2003/Dec/31) to enable me have Pro qipu up to 2003/Dec/31 via Multi-go batch processing to ensure the volume of qipu is error free and sgf4 compliant. Then all once again import into the estone single database for edit game information, and sorting according to years or month, or player or by title play. Then export out again according to the year and month folder. Then feed them for the Kombilo and check for the illegal move problem, if yes, try to corrected it or remove the qipu to ensure accurate and qulity of the qipu database. Then, maybe my next move is to make kombilo and all the various weiqi tool runnning inside the cd, so I can run it remotely on all the pc I access-able. Qipu update only on future like quarter or yearly basis. Since Pro database is in place, it is enough for the study of the Pro move and analysis of pattern. Update on yearly basis is just to see the trend on certain joseki change.

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