2003-12-12 Friday

This week my work pc harddisk failure, cause a lot of data accumulated gone. Hopefully some important data is reserve in hardcopy mean, so take it as "super house keeping" to help me stay clean. As see on the harddisk, it already over 3 years all, and no wonder it is "out of service". And I want to say now day, producer is very high tech and able to produce harddisk in the quality in the proper period "quality within time period", and force user to buy a new one. With this lesson, play to backup home data into remote mean like cd disk to prevent this happen, it is really a pain experience, especially important data is gone without any mean able to recover it.

And now is Year end again, and it is time for life plan workshop again to realign the changing life situation with the life goal again. And it is time to plan ahead for the better future.

I predict my wife will born my first child within this few day or up to one week time, get excite and stress. Because need to re-alignment existing relationship again. And more responsibility is given as life situation is change. Feed and teach child for a meaningful life lesson is no an easy tasks, but I know the life call is on, and need to act upon. Be proactive, build up and manage a happy family life units.

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