Knowing enough is enough

Two day before read a book and discuss regard the idea on the human nature on acting on "enough is enough". We alway say when we reach x (target) then should be enough, which the true fact turn out to be human kind have no such things as knowing enough is

enough, we are keep wanting more once we reach the target we set. This is why rich people are the one that looking for bigger house, car, property and geting more money.... We are just can't back our say on "knowing enough is enough". Maybe those less rich and have limited resources better in exercise the "resource management" as I term it.

I personally get trap in this matter also. As I just learn and fall in love with the weiqi, I really go and search for the books for advance my skill on the subject, ... and along the way I keep collecting books and right now I have 50 books in my inventory (less than six months period), I finally realise I get lost in the trap of overload with the information, and tendecy for "want" to get "more", which really conflict with my initial thinking of having "enough is enough". As the author said, if we can channel the resources to do something more meaningful in other area of life would be more productive. Human is easy to talk the ideal rather than really take action, and I decide to overcome my own demon. For the matter, I decide to think and have a plan for myself, how to utilise the "resources" I have so far, focus on divide the entire field of study one part at a time. And no more buying, it is time to really know how to "get most out from existing resources". Focus on mastery - section by section or theme by theme (subject to write out own study plan fit my own need).

I think the habit of collecting books is "learned" since my college study years, I alway like to collect books, even just have few chapter I interest for future reading. Most of the book I buy all end up just store in my book room (yes, my book now need to have delegate room just to store them). As time past by my motivation is change, some books I just read few chapter and end up store in the book room.

Maybe time is really an important factor to change our mind how we think, right now I more able to see my weakness and take it as a learning opportunity, and aware of the need for change for the better self by imporve on the weakness. I think, life is all about self mastery along the entire life. We need to compare our self (past and present) and judge our progress for life mastery (i think it is very objective criteria to compare with).

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