Appropriate weiqi terms

2003-11-28 Friday

Look quite a long time without using the blog for jot personal feeling, since I using the normal notepad to jot daily feeling down, and then import into full power word processor to create a really powerful diary book with table of content and index search and auto numbering. So, I no really update blog as frequent as before. Because some matter need to reserve for personal only, no for shared - so it make sense.

Within this few day, I just organise my own qipu (weiqi game records) and find out that I almost reach 100 games already. I should really take time review and pinpoint my major mistake I make over the previous game, so can learned from the past, and improve on the future game. And for firmed on using the database pattern search function to look for the different from my play and from the Pro, and learn from it.

I also find out from the Internet have a upcoming powerful and useful sgf organiser is in progress (open source), and I think the function is really cool, and meet my need to organiser large volume of the game. If I using Pocket PC, I think I will download the Go Album to use, it graphic is really cool. And the 3D goban is start become a trend.

I thinking of changing the web content back into normal html instead of pdf, because downloading speed is faster, and more consistent. And the hyperlink function is good to link different section together, or even with the Internet resources. And it able to use a lot of plug in and scripts to extend standard html web pages.

During study of the weiqi, I findout the normal use of the key terms that no really match. For instant: fuseki, initial disposition of stones or game opening, most chinese refer to as 布局, japanese refer to as 布石, I think the proper chinese grammer should refer to as 布子 to be specific. Joseki, model established move sequences - chinese 定式 japanese 定石, which I think the term of 定子 is more proper. Because modern game no really make using the stone, it can be plastic or others material for the game piece. So 棋子 [game piece] is more proper. So using the 子 replace 石 make logical sense. And handicap game, chinese 授子棋 japanese 置棋 should term 置子 for proper consistent as well. I even see some weiqi textbook translate from japanese maintain of the japanese kanji, which I personally think should really tranlsate in full. In chinese, 布局 is better than 布石, but I still thinking of the translation to chinese content should be 布子. So, 布子,定子,官子, (japanese yose -end game) become consisent. I think this is how the culture work, once the wrong think is highly supported, then it become the right things, even you know it is no right. But since whole society already support the ideas, no one want to change, this is how society at work.

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