Today with my wife go to the book fair with the high expectation able to get some weiqi books, and I able to source atleast five book on it (after 2 hours of finding). I feel atleast worth the trip.

I now realise that in Malaysia weiqi is no really popular games, so most of the book reseller do not willing to bring in the book on the subject. So maybe order with the reputable book reseller is the only way to ensure get the books I want, even pay slight expensive - as tried before. I think from now on need to spend time on "internalise" experience and able to "use" the knowledge gain into the practice.

And I intend to start up professional section on my website on the marketing and HRM subjects. And the family section on travel memorys. What really need now is discovery a good theme to organise topic into more presentable series of article linked.

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