2003-11-29 Saturday

Morning, I well to KLCC Japanese book store intend to order few set of weiqi book. And quite surprise, the store have it in the bookcase. So, I quickly take it and have a broswe on the content, and yes, the book I want to complete my full set of the series of 10 books. With the 4 new books I buy, I complete the book from the Japan Go Association Classic text book on the subject. I very happy with it, from now on, really just need to focus on digest and apply the concepts and convert into my experience. With the help of Pro database, I can even review my game more productive. Good day for me. 日本棋院辞典系列:布局辞典上下、定式辞典上下、死活辞典上下、置棋辞典上下、手筋辞典上下 I have them all already. If on future I really need to expand this series, I would add two more from other publisher 官子辞典、劫争辞典.

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