1st hand-on test run on the Microsoft 2003 series


Our company get the latest posted from the Microsoft on the 2003 software series, and today I installed them and update my work pc into Microsoft 2003 series which include Microsoft Office Pro 2003, Publisher 2003, FrontPage 2003, Project Pro 2003 and Visio 2003 with the high hope Microsoft can surprise me this time.

After installed and test run I make following impression on the latest Microsoft offers. All the software is just minor update from the previous one - except the Outlook2003 is really better this time. I think every long time customers may get the same feeling as well. The layout is the best on the Outlook series. The information is sorting into more useful way, and this time come with the junk mail filter like the one use with the hotmail. I really impress on the Outlook layout, even through beside this nothing worth to mention. Personally I think that if you have one tablet pc, this is better choice that previous Microsoft offer, it support tablet pc input and supported for the XML. But for the keep changing field on the IT offering, I do not think this is package existing customer will feel happy with, especially for the upgrading one, is it worth the price? only customers may decide. For me alone, I just impression on the outlook interface, since most of the feature is still the same, personally feel lack of some "excite" on this offer. I think Microsoft is fall into conservative and intend to "milk extra cash" from highly market established Microsoft series. And the primary targeting market is on corporate segments, too obvious. I advised save the money for the upgrade or better use elsewhere. ^_^;

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