Redesign the "website look" and integrate blog as sub page within the website


Plan changed. After spend some time to re-think for using blog for the weiqi, i plan to develop website for it and integrated into my personal website. It is more make sense, and more flexible to change the layout and integrated the graphic into the website as well. And so I use the blog as well to express personal thinking on all the matters related to personal website development.

After last night my wife comment on the front page of homepage is no so attractive, I intend to redesign entire site for better GUI, and consistent across entire website. And intend to make plan for backup website data on the future. I do build few things of the website, and yet all get "hanging" as can not feed in enough up-to-date data, and the website coverage scope too wide, and no have enough time for the update. So this time be smart, focus on just manageable scope of content I able to update frequently. And do not duplicated internet resources from others website, be value added, if not it is really time wasted activities, better invest others place.

Plan forward for mook stlye content (magazine + book) style, actually a look for things can be write, just depend on how I approach the topic and theme in the special angle.



Just convert existing website design into another look also take a lot of time, no wonder now is the trend of data-driven technology, especially you got a lot of data want to be share. Basically my website is draft up, the structure is up and just need to step by step write the content into respective section on the website. I hold high hope this time it may work ^_^; ... and after few try-and-error session, the blog and website is become one, looking forward how it may save my time.

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