my personal DIY made goban 自制棋盘


With the using of this blog, I now more flexible to upload the content freely direct into Internet. Just need to write and maybe with the graphic, and that's all - no need to worry about the page layout and other matters. It really do save me time.

So I upload a photo of my 1st self-made goban. It is standard size goban, using plywood with 1" thick. Total tall is 10" (8" thick of the goban + 2" tall of the 4 legs). The design is according to the japanese expensive model. Since in my country no assessable for this kind of goban, so I self made one. Every-time when I use it to play weiqi /igo or play back the records, I feel excite, since it need to sit at the floor, just like Japanese Pro play. The feel is just great. And the total cost is about RM200 (or USD52), I think it is no a bad deal.

In local market, I can only accessible for one weiqi set (come with the foldable thick-paper goban), which for me is a bit of un-happy for it. So, it become my motivation to make one with the hope of able to study weiqi (igo) more seriously - with the support of real wood goban with wood sound for each move. So, I built it two month ago, and the natural wood print in the goban front is really beauty - I like it.

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