Focus on systematic way of learning weiqi


Review back, I play weiqi is almost for 2 month already. For intend to master the skill, i think I need to re-focus my energy on a theme base approach. For example, instead of study all kind of the fuseki game opening, it is better for me just focus on study 2 type of fuseki opening. One for black, one for white play. It is much more efficient on the time spend in this way. And then focus on all the kind of problems when facing using this kind of opening, and solved it.

Learning life-and-death thru my own games, and really learn by heart to solved them. And learn joseki one step at a time should be enough. For the huge volume of sgf pro games records downloaded, should organise into proper way, then can be use with the joseki and fuseki analysis purpose - to reap a meaningful result from the raw data.

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